Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Interpersonal Skills Log 1

Log 1-2/3/17 Modified Touch

The other week on Thursday the 2nd March during the activity modified touch I demonstrated the interpersonal skill Cooperation. I did this by videoing the class while they were playing sport. When videoing the class I was able to capture everything my class was doing, from cooperating, communication and moving appropriately. By doing this I helped the class because when they watch the video they are able to see what they need to work on and how to do better next time. This impacted others by giving them the opportunity to view themselves instead of hearing feedback from others.

Reflection: What did I learn during this topic? I learnt that whether you are participating in the game or just sitting on the sideline cheering it can make a big difference. Also watching people from the sideline shows me how many mistakes we actually make while we are playing. When playing on the court you don't really notice or pick up on all the mistakes we do, but sitting on the sideline we do..